by Our Last Crusade

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They will never see the sun

See the sun

In this mortal realm my monument shall stand but for a moment
Raise your mugs to the dead (to the dead), you shall meet them in seconds
A hearts and minds campaign unlike any you've ever seen
I burst their chests and break their necks like fucking swine and sheep
How could they be so fucking insecure?
Went to salt the sea and brought the tyrant home
I spear the coward and I raise him up
Let his cowardice transfer not to his sons for me to feast upon

A fantasy of liberty
On the eve of my madness they dance with glee
In the sanctity of vanity
I shall use their bones to polish my teeth

Kneel to the vampire of the East
Run from the shadows and pray for the dawn
I've earned my legacy
Ascultati parinti and be afraid of the dark

Break the dissenters, eliminate
The traits of the traitor dissipate
Mi-e dor de castelul meu, Wallachia
Ce te iubesc, nu vezi tot ce ti-am dat?

Dar inapoi la tine, mai repede nu as putea fugit
In ochi alui dumnezeu aproape am dormit
Dar in vise, oameni mei i-am auzit
Sa uitau la cer si inloc de ploaie, ieu am venit

Consumed by bloodlust, oh, the sickness has taken me
To haunt the nights of all eternity, I paint the lands red from sea to sea
I walk the moonlight that these two worlds separate, I am the madness that threatens to cover this earth in hate

A ghost in the gutter, a shade of a former, a stain on the walls of my sin
The newest crusade to be led by the damned devil himself in the flesh

In the woods I've made, twenty thousand strong they stand in reek
To the emperors of the world that on my doorsteps sit, heed me
I drink to your failing health and to taste the sweet nectar you've hid
Inside a shell of innocence, vesel ca un copil

Bloodless cowards, join me in hell
A ghost in the gutter tells it like it is
A shade of a former lover, my dearest war

Feed me in crimson rain
Hide in the day and pray for the sun
To earn my legacy
I've feasted on traitors and mounted the dogs


released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Our Last Crusade Calgary, Alberta

8-string Metal from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. All relevant links can be found on www.ourlastcrusade.com

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